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About Us

We are a specialist catering company based in Poynton North East Cheshire, we cater for barbecues and large scale events, and small private home based parties and celebrations.

What We Do?

Let me stress immediately that our commitment to your chosen function, if you decide to hire us, will be to provide a service to you and your guests which will be second to none, and will show our business as a professionally run catering service.

I've been cooking most of my life and over the years have built up a bit of a reputation for catering for larger numbers, and loving every minute of it.

Paul the Chef

Thank you for visiting our web site

You're obviously interested in a barbecue, or other type of function, and have probably had some information concerning us from one source or another, or maybe you have been to one of our events or demonstrations, maybe one of your friends have chosen us to cook for them and you’ve seen how we work. Welcome.


These will probably only run throughout this time due to the great British summer, although if requested we could look at doing one out of season. The type you may want depends on how much you wish to spend. A few years ago we ventured to the World Barbecue Championships at Memphis and as a result have begun to incorporate some of the American style items that they cook at their get togethers.

So what can we do for you? "Well pretty much anything". If you are having a function and need our help to decide what type of food to choose, "just get in touch".


We have, over the years, done a good few wedding celebrations, many in marquees sited in fields and have coped very well, the only downside being that weather again which sometimes does not go as the bride and groom might wish.
However from our point of view we can offer canapés when guests arrive, full sit down meals using large joints of meats including large porchetta. Cheese courses, ideas on real locally brewed beers, and anything else to make your event go well. Have a look in our gallery to see what we do. We have access to some great desserts. These are pictured too and are supplied to us by a well respected patisserie. We are happy to assist as much as we can to ensure the day goes well.

Our Equipment

With the equipment we have to hand we are able to cater for most needs. We have all our pigs boned out to form a ‘porchetta’. There is no wastage as the joint is a solid piece of meat which slowly rotates whilst it cooks. The rotisserie oven allows us to cook two of these at a time with a maximum weight of about 75Lb (or 34Kg). We, also, have 2 flat gas griddles that permit us to cook burgers, steaks and other suitable items. We are able to cook 300 + burgers per hour. We have also just had constructed an American style ‘pit’ barbecue. This allows us to either cook over coals or smoke items in the chamber. We are still practicing with this to achieve the best finished products. Finally we have just taken delivery of a ribbed grill in order to do larger joints of meats and steaks similar to those seen in many restaurants. We continually assess our outputs and foods to provide the best produce for our customers. We usually decide which equipment will suit a customers’ requirements when a menu has been chosen.