Special Edge Catering We are professional caterers for outdoor and party
Your specialist caterer for 'outdoor and party'
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    Never trust a skinny chef!

    Our catering team are specialist in hog roast and barbecue, outdoor functions and parties are our speciality.

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    Wedding Celebration!

    We have a fanastic track record with wedding catering whole day celebrations or part day functions are catered for.

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    Summer barbecue

    Socialise with your guests while we supply prepare and cook your food.

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    Private Party

    Why not book a room and let us supply the rest, leaving you to thoroughly enjoy your self.

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Wedding Marquee

We are able to look after a whole day marquee wedding, from reception with canapés, full meal options, the best of cheeses and desserts and evening service, then clearing for the following day.

Barbecue Recipes

After a visit to the World Barbecue Championships in Memphis this developed vast possibilities for our customers.

Large pan dishes

We have developed a range of large pan dishes for groups who get together for special occasions, especially through the winter, and for a variety of budgets.

Large joints of meat

We also offer many party options from whole joints of meat including rotisserie cooked porchetta, the best of meats from respected suppliers to homemade burgers and sausages.

Local Charities

Even though we are only a small company we support local charities where we can with raising funds for their good causes.

Scalable Catering

From funerals to the largest of parties we will deal professionally with each event or client, being sensitive to individual needs.