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We’re a little new to the computer game and advertising isn't really what we're about. Food is more our territory, and we usually go by word of mouth. However I’ve been told that it’s the way forward so……

It all started with the church barbecue, one of the first large events we undertook (and 165 turned up). However the way we cook now is quite different.

Paul the Chef

The reasons you are here

You're obviously interested in a barbecue, or other type of function, and have probably had some information concerning us from one source or another, or maybe you have been to one of our events or demonstrations, maybe one of your friends have chosen us to cook for them and you’ve seen how we work. Welcome.
Let me stress immediately that our commitment to your chosen function, if you decide to hire us, will be to provide a service to you and your guests which will be second to none, and will show our business as a professionally run catering service.

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The products we use are sourced from tried and tested suppliers with emphasis on quality of life for the animal before it comes to you. The people who supply us can be easily visited and many butcher their own animals on site, and sell to the public from their own shops. The same applies to the vegetables that we serve. Again our emphasis is on taste, and slow maturity. We do of course use local markets, farmers markets, and other local producers in an effort to bring you the best quality we can.

Once we decided to do it seriously it all just fell into place. We researched everything, and ended up with great equipment, contacts and produce.

Something to note. Unfortunately it has to be said.

Let me say from the outset that this type of event is not easy to organise. There are only so many weekends available through the summer months and therefore, despite all the talking to death that I encounter, when people are trying to employ me, we will not take a confirmed booking without a deposit. This will show me that you are serious about your event, and will enable me to place an order with the relevant farmer(s), without having to worry about being left in the lurch (as some so called good friends have done in the past). It is extremely difficult to store a whole porchetta, or even 2 that are no longer required even with the facilities we have, or to dispose of hundreds of pounds worth of prime meat which is no longer wanted but has been paid for by myself. I know that you and I are both trusting and professional people, and although it's awkward I need a commitment before we commence. I always say that courtesy and professionalism is met with courtesy and professionalism, and the deposit just ensures we don't forget that. Now that’s out of the way.


With the equipment we have to hand we are able to cater for most needs. We have all our pigs boned out to form a ‘porchetta’. There is no wastage as the joint is a solid piece of meat which slowly rotates whilst it cooks. The rotisserie oven allows us to cook two of these at a time with a maximum weight of about 75Lb (or 34Kg). We also have 2 flat gas griddles that permit us to cook burgers, steaks and other suitable items. We are able to cook 300 + burgers per hour. We have also just had constructed an American style ‘pit’ barbecue. This allows us to either cook over coals or smoke items in the chamber. We are still practicing with this to achieve the best finished products. Finally we have just taken delivery of a ribbed grill in order to do larger joints of meats and steaks similar to those seen in many restaurants. We continually assess our outputs and foods to provide the best produce for our customers. We usually decide which equipment will suit a customers’ requirements when a menu has been chosen.