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Our Services

We provide a friendly professional service and supply the best food to suit all budgets

Charity functions

The charity functions we do are usually large catering events where in excess of 400 portions are needed. Sometimes we have gone to just over 600. Over time we have changed our food options for individual needs. During 2013 we moved forward to offer pork fillets with apple sauce and sage and onion stuffing, chicken fillets with a variety of sauces, bacon sandwiches which are well received, and always vegetarian options.

Country Show

We are currently, and very proud to be, the caterers to the Presidents Marquee at Poynton Show. We supply canapés, a running buffet style meal with all homemade quiches, quality meats, a variety of salad options, desserts and cheeses for around 75 seated guests. At the same time we serve plated meals to around 150 of the Vice Presidents guests in an adjacent marquee.


We will bring all equipment to set up at your chosen venue whether it be your back garden, other venue or hall. When service is complete we will clear away so you can continue and pack for your convenience the remaining food to be eaten by your guests at a later time.

Our portions

Our portion sizes are always good. We like to see good eaters coming back for more. That is especially true with the large pan menus. Dishes with meat as the primary ingredient should have lots in, followed by the minor players. When barbecuing we always bring more than one portion of each item.


When barbecuing we ask for a service time from customers.
This gives us a time to aim for. By this point we will have a large amount of food for guests to choose from. We will continue cooking to ensure everyone is fed. We like to impart a feeling of not having to rush and for guests not to feel that they need to form a line for food. We like to continue bringing food forward and for diners to return. However at some point we do have to move onto desserts.

Even in the early days I had many different ideas on the food we should provide. I had been cooking for friends forover 20 years then, so it was been a natural progression.

If you are passionate about your food you’ll be talking to a kindred spirit

Our Team

We create fantastic desserts

We have recently been asked to supply other items to various premises. Sandwiches for a quiet special occasion, or a few canapés for a small meeting. Alternatively a large joint or two where the customer will do the rest, or guests will bring a dish with them to fill the table. Sometimes a big pan of chilli, hotpot or other item delivered to a house to supplement a customer’s needs at a chosen time. We appreciate cost implications of a function, we will always try to accommodate your budget and do as much or as little as you wish.


Additional services

People who know us well have used us for funerals, It is a traumatic time in the best of circumstances and people call and say "what can you do?" We offer many options from hot food on cold days to taking over their own kitchens whilst they are at the church. We will prepare the house for the return of friends and family, serving hot and cold drinks and warming food in their ovens as well as setting out their chosen food. We will stay and serve out. It is just one less worry.